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Twelve is such a frantic, explosive age To be surrounded by it is to be reminded of the passage of time I recall my own fierce tempers and mood swings  My fragile friendships, As passionate as any fairy tale and … Continue reading

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Back to School

I’m back in India now, in my new apartment with (framed!) things hanging on the walls. I am technically settled. I am also back at the same school for two years running for the first time. I get to teach … Continue reading

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Any questions?

As a student, I loved when we ‘side-tracked’ my teachers: asking them questions and derailing the lesson with something more interesting (to us).  I loved that the questions could be so good that the teacher would lose track of time and … Continue reading

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Last week, the middle school did Day 9 – an experimental concept where kids sign up to do workshops based on their personal interests and spend 2 days learning, ideating, and creating. I was signed up for the Superhero Comics workshop. … Continue reading

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It was a long day

Today was incredibly long and emotionally draining. Although, honestly, it only took one 80-minute class to feel that way. At the end of last block, when the bell rang, I ran upstairs with the express purpose of eating some of … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

I had a good day! Shel Silverstein is wonderful Last week was miserable. I felt completely overwhelmed and incapable. I felt like I was too stupid to teach and that there were so many bits and bobs to keep track … Continue reading

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Hrm, School.

I’ve been thinking a lot about education (obviously).i was introduced to TED Talks by a friend, and we watched a lecture by Sir Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity, and then another encouraging an education revolution.One of the points … Continue reading

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